Interstates: A 6 Part Series

Part One: Maryland to NYC to Minnesota

Part Two: Minnesota to Yellowstone to Washington

Part Three: Washington to Oregon to California

Part Four: San Francisco to Chicago to Los Angeles to Mojave Desert to High Desert to Painted Desert

Part Five:  New Mexico to Texas to Louisiana

Part Six: Louisiana to Alabama to North Carolina to Maryland


Tin House:     Amtrak and Letting Go: A Journey of Rail, Road, & Station

Salon:     Arguments With My Mom, The Cop

Puerto del Sol:    Sunrise at Baltimore Washington Airport: A Fractal

On Brothers and Other Solar Systems: The Manifestation, 2018

Luna Luna:    Dear Thought Catalog: An Apology

Literary Orphans:     None of These Tattoos Are Mine

The Dr. T.J. Eckleburg Review:      Essay: Writing the Silence

VIDA Web:     Of the Body



Boston Review: Print Forum 2

Work    Inequality   Basic Income

Two Poems from “The Art of Work” Featured


Rabble Lit: Issue One     May Day, 2017

         Poem: Hold The Fort

PEN Anthology:     The Killing Floor is Slick

Colorado Review, 2016     Hiraeth

Harriet: The Poetry Foundation Blog     

       Slaughterhouse Workshop with Thomas Sayers Ellis

Part One

Part Two

DUSIE: Issue 18:     Poetry is the Mind at Work on an Impossible Problem

Cosmonauts Avenue:     The Everglades in High Heat

Pith:     Barefoot, Red Rock, Solo  &  Auto Train: Sanford, FL    Poetry and Photos

TheThePoetry Blog: Infoxicated Corner Spotlight Series, 2016

Two Poems

The Dr. T.J. Eckleburg Review:     My Mother Never Smoked a Cigarette

Open City: AAWW      An Island and Its Storm: Sandy’s Aftermath In Pictures and Poetry


My Cesarean

(Forthcoming, May 2019) The Experiment Publishing

Miscellany: Essays by Young American Voices

Run Amok Books, 2018

Political Punch: Contemporary Poems on the Politics of Identity

Sundress Publications, 2016

Pith Anthology

Kin Press, 2017


Poetry and Prose Collaboration with visual artist, Lazarus Nazario

The Rumpus        Poetry Mixtape:

Week One : Poetry That Moves Like a City Street

Week Two : Poets on Poetry and Art

Week Three : Poetry That Asks You to Sit and Sort this Whole Thing Out

Week Four : Poetry That Wants to Tell You What it Has Seen


Coldfront Magazine:       Song of the Week

Under Water New York

TimeOut New York

Textsound:     Issue 20

Co-Curated with Hannah Ensor

Featuring “Land Back” by Heroes Are Gang Leaders


VIDA:Women in Literary Arts

Counter: 2010
Count Coordinator: 2011
Count Director: 2012-2015

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